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Exile Reborn on Tanoa!!!

Mods Needed:
  1. Exile - Download Here
  2. Ryans Zombies and Demons - Download Here
Set in the year 2039. EXILE REBORN takes place after a virus has swept over the known world, your story begins as a criminal sent to Exile. With the world in turmoil there is no time for rehabilitation, prisoners are sent away, with no hope of survival.

EXILE as it is known to the common people, is the worst possible place you can end up as a criminal. The world has no time to deal with prisoners and a zombie problem; Governments across the planet have taken control of their respective cities and have got the zombie problem in an acceptable and controllable place, however if you commit a crime there are no prisons, only EXILE where you will have to fend your self..

Your journey will begin, booted out of a helicopter, with nothing but the clothes on your back (and a parachute)... stay low, stay quiet or awaken the hoard or the existing criminals of the land....