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Whats up everyone!
Emad here, your friendly neighborhood media guy!

I figured as a group we should do what we can to show some love to other members in the group, so if you have your own stream, post the link here! Do your best to support your comrades by following!

I'll start by posting my link:

I stream PC and PS4 games, mostly Destiny with the occasional CS:GO. I had been thinking of streaming some l4d2 since I saw SAN on it the other day. If there is a game that we all tend to hit as a group, I'll be happy to buy the game and start streaming that as well!

GrandMasterB pulled this off the web.

Post any problems with the TS server or players in here and we will do our best to fix it. ;)
Raffles, Clan Rosters, Steam Authentication & Integration, Tournaments And Credits.

We will give a complete run down on our agenda with those add-ons at a later date.
Note: That we will have a lot of activities coming soon.
Adding a content management system today, with some other site addons.