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Teamspeak address is:

1. A player breaking rules is not an excuse for you to break rules.

If you find someone breaking the rules please contact an admin on the Teamspeak address that is listed above,
with an appropriate screenshot or supporting evidence if at all possible.

2. Do not argue with a admin in game.

If you disagree with something you may come on Teamspeak and talk with them about it. The address is listed above.

3. All punishments are at the discretion of the admins.

All admins are free to determine applicable punishment. If you wish to appeal any bans you can do so by creating a thread on the forums.

4. No excessive vulgar language or racism.

This rule is self-explanatory, excessive language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Racism especially will not be tolerated,
if you would like to make any reports please include a screenshot or an audio clip.

5. No cheating, hacking, or glitching/exploiting.

Cheating of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Exploiting consists of using any game bugs for an unfair advantage.
We will look into all cases and handle them appropriately. If you wish to appeal the punishment please visit the forums.

6. No trolling.

This rule is also self-explanatory, if you consistently break this rule and are reported to the admin on duty, action will be taken.
This includes but is not limited to destroying another player or clan’s base completely or
to an extent that makes it impossible for a person to be able to play on the server..

7. No building on important NPC camps ever...

Break this rule will result in a base...
Blackwake Server - FLEET 3v3
54 slots
Sangaming Extreme PVP Server
Changed the Conan Exiles Server to 6 hour Restarts... Restarts at 0000,0600,1200,1800 hours (EST TIME)... Restart script still checks for updates from devs and will be down for 5 minutes between restarts..

NOTE:The Conan Exiles Dedicated Server files are in early access, and they currently have some bad memory leaks... This is causing servers to crash! So expect these types of issues from ALL Dedicated Servers. We will do our best to keep our Conan Server up and running...

DUE TO SERVER CRASHES, We have implemented a rule to minimize OUR Conan server from crashing...

We are enforcing a 16 x 16 building limit. Max height is 6. Fences can be 3 high. If you are currently over 16 x 16, you need to get your base into compliance ASAP.

This rule will change when the game becomes more optimized.
(At our discretion)

Max Nudity Full
No Ownership False
Can Damage Player Structures True
Offline Players Remain In The World True
Durability Multiplier 100%
Drop Equipment On Death True
Everybody Can Loot Corpse True
Day Cycle Speed Scale 100%
Day Time Speed Scale 10%
Night Time Speed Scale 610%
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale 100%
Player Health Multiplier 200%
Player Stamina Multiplier 250%
Stamina Cost Multiplier 110%
Item Spoil Rate Scale 50%
Harvest Amount Multiplier 250%
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier 200%
Global Chat Enabled True

Please leave any questions comments or concerns in this forum...
Thank you,
Whats up everyone!
Emad here, your friendly neighborhood media guy!

I figured as a group we should do what we can to show some love to other members in the group, so if you have your own stream, post the link here! Do your best to support your comrades by following!

I'll start by posting my link:

I stream PC and PS4 games, mostly Destiny with the occasional CS:GO. I had been thinking of streaming some l4d2 since I saw SAN on it the other day. If there is a game that we all tend to hit as a group, I'll be happy to buy the game and start streaming that as well!

GrandMasterB pulled this off the web.

Post any problems with the TS server or players in here and we will do our best to fix it. ;)
Raffles, Clan Rosters, Steam Authentication & Integration, Tournaments And Credits.

We will give a complete run down on our agenda with those add-ons at a later date.
Note: That we will have a lot of activities coming soon.
Adding a content management system today, with some other site addons.